John Paul Gecale Munar is the Inventor of the Cardio by U, CEO of a revolutionary health and wellness company designed to provide innovative products for consumers who are looking to live fit and healthier anywhere, anytime. We are engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, worldwide marketing and sales of health and wellness products.

Munar’s journey to entrepreneurship began humbly at the age of 19. John Paul was inspired to join the fitness industry 15 years ago after reflecting on his own problems in balancing nutrition and exercise in a healthy and effective way.

“I woke up one morning with an idea. I asked myself, how can I help change more lives throughout the world? I thought of innovating the best-selling, the number one piece of fitness equipment of all time, the treadmill.” 

With more than a decade of experience behind him, Munar recognized the difficulty of the average person owning fitness equipment at home, and set out to improve upon the traditional treadmill.

“Many gyms and classes are excessively expensive, and they don’t fit our schedules. The treadmills today are still heavy and bulky, and you need to have an extra room in your home or apartment to allow the space for a good workout. The treadmill market has remained the same for decades while our lifestyles have changed significantly.” said Munar.